World’s Best Airlines For 2016

world's best airlines

As travellers, weather for the seasoned frequent flyer on business or the holiday maker, our experiences on the airline we choose to fly can make or break a trip. There are the top-class, world renowned carriers, the ones that just get you there and then, the downright awful. Thanks to Skytrax, the industry benchmark for airline quality, the world’s best airlines for 2016 have been announced, hopefully making your travel choice that little bit easier.

In a gala ceremony held at Farnborough Airshow, Skytrax presented the 2016 World Airline Awards featuring the worlds best airlines for 2016. The leaders and top management from over 40 airlines from across the globe attended the prestigious gala event, where Emirates was voted the top dog in the award for World’s Best Airlines for 2016 by air travellers.

At the awards event, Edward Plaisted of Skytrax commented:

“We are honoured to have so many airlines travel here today and receive their accolades after being voted as Best Airlines in many different categories. For many years we have been dedicated to providing a survey and awards process that remains independent, and delivering an event that is aptly known as the Passenger’s Choice Awards. We have seen many familiar names here today appearing as repeat winners, which I guess reflects that in many cases ‘once a winner, always a winner’ in many customers eyes”.

The top ten of the world’s best airlines for 2016 reads like a who’s who of top class carriers renowned across the globe for their high level of safety, service and experience in making the somewhat tedious task of long haul air travel that little bit easier.

The top ten consisted of the following:

World’s Best Airlines For 2016

  1. Emirates
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. ANA All Nippon Airways
  6. Etihad Airways
  7. Turkish Airlines
  8. EVA Air
  9. Qantas Airways
  10. Lufthansa
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