Hotel Deals – How To Find A Great One

Tips For Finding Great Hotel Deals

Hotel Deals – how to find them

Following on from my Tips To Find The Best Flight Deals article, I thought my tips on finding great hotel deals would be the perfect follow-up. After all, what good is a great flight deal without another awesome deal to stay at your destination?

The first and foremost rule when researching a hotel is timing. By this I mean the timing of your stay. Factors such as local school and summer holidays, religious holidays and special events can play a huge part in the price of your stay. Hotels are notorious for taking advantage of the “supply and demand” centred around certain times of the year and special events and thus raise their prices accordingly. For the majority of destinations, the peak of summer is one such time with winter being a season one can find amazing bargains – if you are prepared to put up with the cold weather. An exception to this rule is in tropical regions. “summer” in the tropics is also the wet season. This does not necessarily mean endless rainfall but in fact, most tropical regions have nice days followed by afternoon and evening rain. It is the higher temperatures and stifling humidity that keep visitors away. Wet season in the tropics is the most spectacular time of year to visit, with the landscape at its most beautiful, lush green best.

Whilst the timing of your stay is important, so to is the timing of your booking. Booking well in advance is a way to get the cheapest rooms before they sell out. However, hotels are notorious for slashing the price of a room closer to the date if it looks like that room may go unbooked. They would prefer to get some sort of revenue for a room that may otherwise be empty for the night! Leaving your booking until the last-minute may be a way to snare an unbelievable deal. This is less risky than waiting for airlines to slash empty seats as I always say, there are far more hotels at a destination than airlines to get you there!

Booking Your Hotel

When it comes to actually booking your hotel, the internet has made this task easier than in the past. Most people today prefer to organise their trip from the comfort of their home rather than visit a travel agent, and with the amount of booking sites out there, this task can be heavily time-consuming and frustrating. Journey Pro offer a hotel search engine listing over 817,000 hotels, resorts, apartments and villas worldwide!

If you happen to book a hotel which is a property from a major company such as Accor, I would strongly suggest joining their free member program. Only 10 nights worth of stays gets you to their silver tier program with special benefits and treatment. Points are then redeemable for free stays. Much like an airline frequent flyer program. It’s a win for you all around. Great hotel deals, and special treatment and freebies. Who doesn’t love that?!

If you have any other tips, I would love for you to share them in the comments section. After all, we are all here to learn.

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