The Worlds Longest Flights

worlds longest flights

What are the Worlds longest flights? For all of us who love to visit far flung places around the world, the thought of being stuck in a metal tube, sleeping upright and breathing in dry, stale air is an inescapable reality. Factor in the feeling of fatigue and jet lag when you finally arrive at your destination and the excitement of embarking on your adventure has soon worn off. Although flying in Business or First Class does make this tedious experience better, most of us would much rather be teleported to our destination!

Those at the top of the list of the Worlds longest flights display non-stop flight times which most would consider to be insane. Factor in that many passengers on these flights may have to transfer to another flight and what you have is a whole day or more that has been written off your life.

So what are the World’s longest flights? what is the flying time? Well, Journey Pro have deciphered the top 5 and they are as follows.

1. sydney-dallas/fort worth (qantas) 8,578 miles*

At 17 hours, the pioneers of ultra-long haul flights, Qantas take top spot. This flight started with Boeing 747-400’s which required a transit and refuelling stop in Brisbane on the return leg before making the short hop back to Sydney. This was due to the prevailing headwinds on west-bound flights over The Pacific. It has since been moved to a longer range Airbus A380.

2. Johannesburg-atlanta (Delta) 8,439 Miles

Delta Airlines from the US take second spot with their 16.5 hour hop between Georgia and South Africa. This flight allows Americans an “easy” option to take in the game reserves of Africa and has opened up a new travel destination that not many would have thought about visiting.

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3. abu dhabi-los angeles (etihad) 8,390 miles

UAE based Etihad leads a growing list of Middle Eastern carriers pioneering new, long-haul flights. This 16.5 hour monster connect the oil rich gulf state with Hollywood and Disneyland! I’d imagine that a First Class Apartment complete with double bed, shower and living room wouldn’t be so bad on this flight!

4. dubai-los angeles (emirates) 8,339 miles

Another fast growing Middle east carrier, Emirates, connect their hub in the UAE to the Southern California coast. At a little under 16.5 hours, it is now possible for the rich and famous of LA to take a weekend break at the Royal Suite at Burj al Arab in Dubai for $19,000 per night……

5. jeddah-los angeles (Saudia) 8,332 miles

Continuing on with the Middle Eastern connections to Los Angeles is Saudi Arabia’s Saudia. Taking just under 17 hours, the list is rounded off by yet another airline and route from an oil-rich Gulf state.

*as of february 1, emirates will INAUGURATE dubai-panama city, which will take the mantle at the top of the list of the worlds longest flights at 19 hours. 


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