Qantas Business Class

Qantas Business Class

I was lucky enough to be able to redeem some frequent flyer points for a Qantas Business Class flight from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania. This was my first time experiencing the Qantas Business Class product and let me say, I was not disappointed.

Flying at the “pointy end” does not mean you have to be rich or rich and famous! With the amount of frequent flyer related credit cards and the amount we use them for everyday necessities, we can all have a chance to experience some luxury every once in a while. Here is my experience.

At The Airport

I had checked in online into seat 1k, which is a window on the right hand side of the Boeing 717. At the airport, I found the prized seat of 1A available so, I quickly snagged it! I then proceeded to the priority security lane which in the end, took longer than the normal lanes. Nobody checked my boarding pass for my eligibility and I suspected numerous people in this line were not actually eligible to use it! Not to worry, it was off to the Qantas Business Class lounge for me.

To get to the Business Class Lounge┬áin Melbourne, you must take the escalators to the Qantas Club. Upon entering, the Business Lounge is located through another set of doors towards the back. The food is buffet style with hot and cold offerings. I enjoyed a beef and barley casserole with steamed rice which was delicious. Numerous beverages are on offer with soft drink and juices to wines , spirits and premium beer both on tap and in bottles. I settled for a few nice, cold Heineken’s from the tap.

When it finally came time to board, I was able to use the premium boarding lane to board at my leisure.

On Board In Qantas Business Class

I settled in to seat 1A, a bulkhead with amazing leg room. The seats are a new offering featuring full leather trim and adjustable headrest. each passenger has their own armrest so there is no competing for space.

Qantas Business Class Seat 1A
Seat 1A on the Qantaslink 717

Before departure, the Cabin Manager introduced himself and offered a pre-take off water or juice. I opted for the juice which was apple and guava and very refreshing. We were soon underway for an on-time departure. The 717 is whisper quiet at the front and an extremely smooth ride.

Once airborne, the crew were quick to offer two choices of dining options. I opted for a Tiger Prawn Salad which was delicious. It was washed down with a lovely sparkling white wine. Meals are served on china plates.

Qantas Business Class Meal
Tiger Prawn Salad on Qantas Business Class
Qantas Business Class Wine
Sparkling Wine on Qantas Business Class

The cabin was promptly cleared as this was only a short, one hour hop across Bass Strait to Hobart. Upon our on-time arrival, business class passengers were the first to leave the aircraft and were all warmly thanked by the crew upon disembarking.

Overall, the Qantas Business Class service is second to none on Australian domestic flights. From check-in to disembarking at your final destination, the attention to detail and warmth of all the staff make the experience a very enjoyable one. If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend experiencing the Qantas Business Class product for yourself.

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