My Next Adventure – Europe

my next adventure

It has been six long months since I returned from my last trip to Europe. Itchy feet has meant that my next adventure has been planned and is mostly ready to go! It is taking place in September.

My next adventure will see my lovely wife and I set off on another trip to Europe. First stop will be our traditional get away from the everyday world at Disneyland Paris 🙂 We have Dream Annual Passports which will still have a week or so validity when we visit again in September. This time however, we will have five nights at the Disney Santa Fe Hotel, living and breathing the Disney experience all week!

Our second stop will be in Augsburg, Germany which is just outside Munich. We will be stopping here to visit friends for a couple of days and for me to sample the culinary delights and Bavarian beer :-p It will be our second time in Germany, having visited Hamburg in 2012.

Next up, Sorrento on the South Coast of Italy for some lovely rest and relaxation in the beautiful sunshine of their gorgeous Mediterranean Climate. I have been to Rome but, never to the coast of Italy so it is something I am really looking forward to. Sipping a cold Peroni or Birra Moretti whilst overlooking the beautiful blue sea from our balcony: Yes please!

Finally, it is back to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Barcelona, Spain. When I was there last year, it was only for two nights. This time, it is five nights to get a good feel of the place. It is also a very relaxing city with a wonderful climate and is very cheap! Tapas, Sangria, Estrella and sunshine is the name of the game for me in Barcelona.

I will be sure to write articles on the places we visit and give you a great insight with pictures and handy tips picked up along the way. For now though, it’s time to look forward to an exciting adventure!

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