London City Airport. As Easy As 1,2,3!


Having recently used London City Airport for the second time, I now know why it is so highly regarded in reviews. Its ease of use and efficiency in arriving is second to none. Where else can you arrive, clear passport control, collect bags, clear customs and be on the curbside in fifteen minutes? All this with a non EU passport!

The ramp at LCY.

My wife and I were on a Cityjet flight from Paris Orly on a Avro RJ85 Cityjet are a wonderful, full service airline. The arrival into London City Airport is nothing short of spectacular with the very steep approach. Upon touchdown, our aircraft was at the stand within 3 minutes. A short walk from the aircraft and we were in the passport control area. Clearance took all of 3 minutes with the efficient Border Control Officer. A far cry from the often over zealous immigration personnel at Heathrow.

Baggage reclaim was quick and easy. Customs consisted of simply walking out of the door through the green channel. We were out the front in no more than fifteen minutes from aircraft arrival. Simply amazing!

In future, I will always enter the UK from Continental Europe via London City Airport. With cheaper fares often available into cities such as Paris as opposed to London, it makes perfect sense to bypass the congestion and riff-raff of Heathrow and use this little gem of an airport that is London City.

The typical steep approach to LCY.
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