Copenhagen Airport. The Easy Way Through Europe


As my loyal followers may well know, I just LOVE the ease and efficiency of entering the UK through London City Airport. I am a non-EU passport holder (Australian) and was through quicker than most of the EU people.

Ok, my new found love affair with London City aside, what is my second favourite airport to use in Europe? Well, it is obviously not any of the Paris Airports!!! It is in fact, Copenhagen Airport. Denmark’s largest and by far busiest air hub is full of Scandinavian efficiency one would expect in the Nordic region.

Copenhagen Airport
The bright, airy environment of Copenhagen Airport.

From the twelve minute train trip to central Copenhagen via the train station directly under the terminal (straight off the plane and straight into the station basically) to the lovely wooden floors of the airside concourse, Copenhagen AirportĀ is a pleasure to navigate. Unlike the maze like layout and poor efficiency of Charles DeGaulle, Copenhagen oozes class and sophistication. I have only ever used one other Danish Airport, Aarhus and it too was in a league of its own. Lets face it though, apart from these two and Billund, Denmark doesn’t really bleed airports! But, what it does is a class above.

You do not have to be visiting Denmark to use Copenhagen Airport as your European gateway. Easy access to most of Europe and the UK is available through an abundant amount of connections to all corners. Connecting to another “Schengen” country is a breeze as it is in effect, treated like a domestic flight with no border controls.

So, next time you are in Europe, Use Copenhagen Airport. There are some good deals to be had to make your entry into Europe as smooth as it can possibly be. And for what it is worth, connect on to London City if visiting the UK!!!!!!!

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