Airfare War On Australia To USA Routes


Those wishing to fly on the already competitive flight sector between Australia and the USA are in for an even bigger bonanza. The entry of American Airlines on the Sydney-Los Angeles route has sparked an unprecedented airfare war on popular routes across the Pacific.

the airfare war explained

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has approved a revenue and code sharing scheme between Oneworld alliance partners American and Qantas. This sees the two airlines share revenue whilst placing each others passengers on flights between Sydney and Los Angeles, with onward connections on American to a multitude of destinations throughout North America. The airlines now offering non-stop flights between the Australian east coast and American west coast include Qantas, American, Virgin Australia, Delta and United whilst easy one-stop connections on Air New Zealand are available through its Auckland base. Air Pacific and Hawaiian are other alternatives with connections through Nadi and Honolulu respectively. Although criticized in the past for 1990’s style in-flight entertainment and service, based on aircraft alone, United and its Boeing 787 Dreamliner seems the pick of the bunch.


American Airlines Airfare
The American Airlines Boeing 777 used on their new Sydney-Los Angeles service.


The weaker Australian Dollar also seems to be no deterrent to Aussies crossing the Pacific for a US getaway. A report by Expedia Australia released today names the US as the number one international bucket list destination for Australians.Even when exchange rates are factored in, the lower cost of goods in the USA still makes it a value for money destination for higher earning Australians.

Australians are amongst the most well travelled people in the World and this new-era of cut price airfares are set to continue this trend. But, how long they last is anyone’s guess. We have seen airfare wars on the Pacific routes before. It is however safe to say that there is no chance of the $2,000+ fares we used to see in the 90’s!

At the time of publication, the best fares on offer due to the airfare war are:

BNE-LAX with Qantas – $972 per person
BNE-LAX with Fiji Air – $936 per person
SYD-SFO with Qantas – $1091 per person
SYD-SFO with Air New Zealand – $999 per person
SYD-LAX with Virgin  – $972 per person
MEL-LAX with Qantas – $999 per person
MEL-LAX with Air New Zealand – $1009 per person

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