Australia To London Non-Stop? QANTAS Think So


The “Kangaroo Route”. Tedious at best. A nightmare at worst. Unless you are fortunate enough to be in First or Business Class, 25+ hours of travel (including stopovers) in an uncomfortable economy seat, trying to sleep upright and eating at odd hours are a strain in anyone’s language. Whilst it has been done before as a once-off Qantas delivery flight with no one on board and weight shaved off, a direct link between Australia and Europe is something travellers from my part of the World could only ever dream of.

That is until now, or, 2017 to be precise. QANTAS are planning a game changer. Perth-London Heathrow non-stop in their brand spanking new Boeing 787-9 (to be delivered in 2017). Imagine the lucky Perth residents who can board their aircraft at their home airport and disembark at the other end in London without having stopped anywhere. Even East-Coast residents would prefer this. Using a city in your own country as a transit on the way to London.

The Boeing 787-9, scheduled for delivery to QANTAS in 2017.

One thing that is unsure though and something which intrigued me is this. What happens to the QANTAS/Emirates alliance and co-operation to Europe? Especially London flights which transit in Dubai. I know if I ever flew QANTAS to London, I would much rather a transit in Perth than Dubai. More so for reasons of sanity. Dubai is a huge airport and extremely crowded. I’d much prefer a layover in the relaxed atmosphere of Perth!

Perth residents rejoice. After being all but booted out of the QANTAS international network, save for a Boeing 737 service to Singapore, you will soon have access to the most prestigious destination in the QANTAS network. London Heathrow. Who knows what is over the horizon. This may be an economical way for QANTAS to return to other European destinations such as Rome and Frankfurt which it has previously dropped. Long-range, efficient aircraft sure make the future of air travel exciting!

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